My About Page (genius heading)


Does this sound like me?

Is my message clear?

Am I speaking to my ideal customer avatar?

I can help you with those questions, but first…

But who am I?

I’m Drea Fecht. Last name is pronounced fate. No one ever says it right but I secretly enjoy hearing them try. Please keep it between us okay?

I’m a personality copywriter. I started out as personal trainer and group fitness coach before making some real money as network marketer. (Yep. I sold shakes and I still drink em!)

I got bored writing about grass-fed protein shakes and before/after weight loss stories. Trust me, after a hundred of those you want to start sheet-caking Tina Fey style. (If you do this for a living I bow to you & and I can help you)

Then I landed a gig with an online marketer. I sold business coaching packages over the phone, answered customer and prospect emails, set up chat bot sequences…. and started writing email copy because she got - how do you say? BIZ-AY.

I got really good at it. Her team couldn’t tell if I wrote her copy or if she did.

Then her clients started to reach out and hire me to write their emails, help with their landing pages, Facebook ads, websites.

… And here we are. Hi.

What is this place?

This is the place for online business owners, course creators, coaches aka people who help people and want to get paid well for it. This is where you can go to learn how to put YOU in your business - Where we get your copy singing like Adele and making money like Branson - While ENJOYing the process.

It’s also a fun place to go when you get bored or want a fun surprise in your inbox. I have stories - email style - that’ll inspire you to be more YOU in your copy. You can get those emails here.

Why should you care?

Because good copy is where it all happens in your business. It’s how you say, “I get your struggle. I have solution. I also have a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch!” without sounding all uptight and Sherlock-y.

It’s true I dated a rock star.

Pre-fame while I was in college. He had six pack abs and played bass for a heavy metal band. I broke it off because he didn’t take his life seriously. I needed a serious guy. MTV Music Award serious. Oh wait… he eventually got one of those. My bad.

Why do people want to work with me?

I’m pretty darn good at writing and when you work with me you get better too!

What’s my process? What are my rates/packages?

Those questions deserve an entirely different page. So I made one just for you: