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Final Logo


Let’s set some basic styles. For example, this is heading 1 set to Cherry Cream Soda.

Now we’ll do heading 2 Which is Cherry Cream Soda.

And this is regular body copy with a sprinkle of cupcake ipsum. Body copy uses Baskerville URW font. Chocolate bar macaroon macaroon. Soufflé marzipan jelly cake topping icing. Jelly beans pastry oat cake.

This little guy is a link.

Testing text hierarchy for subheading 3 which is set to Open Sans.

Then a big heading 2.

And some more body copy with sweet, sweet cupcake ipsum. Biscuit gummi bears liquorice brownie halvah sweet roll. Marzipan pastry oat cake jelly beans tiramisu dragée pastry cake cupcake. Dessert ice cream halvah macaroon apple pie chocolate bar marzipan jelly beans.

Oh, and can’t forget a quote, now can we? We’ll pretend this is something smart and inspirational.

Primary Colors