Emails so good you'll marry them
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Can’t find YOU in your words?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll help you find yourself in your copy.

If you are a coach, course creator, service provider, or just starting out.

We’ll get the people you want knocking at your door and asking for more. (rhyme wasn’t intended but I’m keeping it)

You ready?

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If you missed it on the homepage, I’m Drea.


...and I’m here to help you and your copy get jiggy with it.

I’m also here because I’m a kickbutt personality copywriter.

In other words, I’m really good at helping you make money by being you.

How do I do this?

Thought you’d never ask!

Many ways. I’ll learn about your business, your ideal customer, and fun stuff like favorite beverages, tv shows, music, movies, pets, stuff you love, stuff you hate. I’ll stalk your social media, blog posts, emails and marketing.

Sometimes it’s just about helping you get clear with a fresh pair of marketing eyes.

Should we work together?

Hmm, great question.

If you are going to get up in arms about oxford commas and semicolons… I’m not your gal. No one gets excited about a legal doc, unless you’re an attorney. Oh god, are you?

If you can’t see past your nose, probably not. Unless your nose blocks your eyesight… in that case, I’m not a total jerk.

Does this sound like you? Join my jam session.

  1. You love writing copy but for some reason when sit down to write, you churn out cursor crickets.

  2. Time is not on your side and you want to pass the copywriting torch.

  3. You’d rather watch reruns of Cop Rock than figure out what to say, how to say it and in what order.

  4. You wrote some copy (wahoo), but it seems to be missing a pulse, and George Clooney can’t help because he hasn’t played a doctor in over 20 years.

  5. You don’t need a copywriter, but are here  because ______. (All good I hope.🤞🏼) In that case, tour my website, read my blog of weirdness and have a wonderful day. Yay!

If any of the above is you (sans #5)…

I’m your Girl Friday!

Keep scrolling…



Snack Size | 1/2 hour | $85

Haven’t worked with me before? Feeling a little “stranger danger?”

Don’t worry. I do not own a conversion van nor do I have puppy in need of rescuing. (but puppies are sooo cute!) You know what’s not cute? Crappy copy.

This is the perfect place to start to see if we are good fit aka the perfect size for a discovery call. Regardless I’ll give you some awesome “this call was totally worth it!” recommendations.

What can we do in this time?

I’ll look at any copy you have in works. Landing page, thank you page, delivery email, about page... I’ll give you my straight up “hit me in gut” thoughts and we can rework it.

We can also use this time to brainstorm strategies or decipher that text message your mom sent you. (yes, I think she is being passive-aggressive).

Want some copy coaching? I’ll help you find your voice, look at copy differently and make it easier for you to write your own stuff.

Basically you have me live for 30 minutes. It will go fast though. That’s one episode of the Good Place. Ahh forking shirtballs! (is this the last season?)

The sandwich | 1 hour | $167

This is a power hour! We get bit meatier here… wait… no, juicier… dang it, I’m on a food kick now. You get the gist. This is very much like snack size but more we’ve got more time to get a bit deeper. We can polish off your about page, bio, brain storm taglines, headlines and content ideas. Heck we could jazz up a facebook ad or work on infusing your persona into your work.

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The whole enchilada | Full day (up to 6 hours) | $997

It’s time to get whole lot of something done. Could be a 3-4 even a 5 email sequence, lead magnet content, a small but mighty sales page, a webpage or two, or we can Netflix binge together. It’s all about adult diapers… it DEPENDS. For this we may work together for awhile and then take a break to work solo and come back for more. The creative process is a mystery and I don’t make the rules. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a whole book on it. You’ll dig it though.

Want more? Got a big project? Contact me at and let’s see what we can come up with.

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