Copy With Benefits - It's Free!

Who loves some free copy coaching?

I feel one of the best ways to learn how to write heart and wallet opening copy, is to do the do.

Jump in there and break it down.

Katy Almstrom was such a brave soul to let me do this.

All my very special email peeps were given a unique opportunity to send me something they are working on.

… then I give them my 5 min “gut” thoughts on how the copy hit me and how to improve it.

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Back to Katy.

Katy helps people get out of debt and she’s really good at it. Her business is killing it.

She’s thriving for sure but she’s in the process of scaling her business - helping more people without adding more time to her busy schedule.

This includes working with organizations and training their employees on smart money strategies with her workshops… hence the copy she needed help with - a description of her workshop for her client’s company newsletter.

So here’s the challenge.

No one thinks budgeting is sexy. At least anyone I know.

Unless you’re Bill Gates I don’t think many people get warm fuzzies looking at their bank accounts, credit card bills, and mortgage statements.

It’s important stuff though. Heck, this is something they leave out in schools. (Def something Katy could jump in on)

So how do you convince busy, working adults to get excited about their soul-crushing financial reality?


That’s a hard sell.

One thing you do is focus on the benefits…

Aww yeah! Now we’re getting sexy.

If worded the right way benefits can:

  • Tug on emotions.

  • Help people think, “this is SOOO for me!”

  • Gets them primed for your CTA, the sell, the offer, the do this next!

You with me?

Check out the video below to see how I do this for Katy.

And if you are looking for help getting your monies under control…

Call my girl Katy!

Here’s a little more about her:

Katy Almstrom is a Dave Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach and has helped hundreds of people with her financial coaching services. As a former teacher and athletic coach, she brings her love of connecting and inspiring others to her coaching. Katy works with amazing women and their families who are frustrated because they make good money but are stuck living paycheck to paycheck, and they struggle to communicate with their spouse about how to get unstuck.

You can find her at and join the Budget Bootcamp: a community-based, no-BS approach that puts you in control of your money.


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Drea Fecht