You may need a xanax after reading this

Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.

God help me.

I should have it figured out by now.

I’ve read self help books of all kinds for the love of monkey.

How to get over your poverty mindset. Get over it! We all want it. Stop acting like you don’t.

How to not care what people think. “I don’t care!” Yes you do Missy. Otherwise your eyebrows wouldn’t be waxed.

Ask for it and universe will give it to you. No. it’s called persistence, hard work and learning how. You do the thing until you get the thing.

Courses on freelancing. Helpful if you do the work.

Courses on writing. Helpful you do the work

Courses on how to finish courses I made that one up

Life Coaches. For sure! but do the work.

Business Coaches. For sure! But do the work.

Therapy. Money well spent

What we really want (me included) is the following:

Love & acceptance (despite being different than others).

Money to live life well (whatever that means for you).


That’s about it. You fill in the blanks with the WHAT those things exactly are.


We work jobs we don’t like.

Deal with people we don’t like.

Don’t get paid enough and try to save the little we have. Time to cut out the lattes

The biggest problem is the FEAR of admitting you want to do life differently because once we do, it’s out there. And now we have to FACE knowing we aren’t doing what we really want to do.

It takes a lot work and a lot of cultural and behavioral undoing:

Inner work (dealing with the fear of failure, fear of what others think, fear of doing things differently/unknown).

Outer work (what to do, how to do it, the time it takes, the sacrifices to be made).

So we stay stuck and go on autopilot.

Watch Netflix.

Cruise Social.

Talk about things we like/dislike and people we can’t control over wine.

Obsess about our relationships because we feel someone else is responsible for our happiness.

Go to bed feeling restless.


Wanna know a secret?

There’s really no rules on how life should be done. We just blindly follow what others have done.

Maybe we just need to have fun.

Take responsibility.


Figure out what makes us tick.

Make money our own way.

Hmmm… that’s crazy talk, right?